Boom Boom Room, Las Vegas Location Update

Nov 17th I have a dream to put a Boom Boom Room in Las Vegas!!!

It always starts as a dream, but we are working on it.   More information coming as this is such a new development... at this time we have partners who live in Las Vegas and a budget to build the space, however, the more people we get involved, the more incredible it can be.  If you can dream it....

I wrote the above post on my personal Facebook page and received 180 or so replies.  It was shocking for a middle-aged guy who usually gets 3 likes.   A person had come in the Friday before.  The guy was so funny in the audience I felt drawn to him and his wife and got them a shot with my wife.   He friended me on facebook on a Monday.  I made a post on a Wed, he tagged a girl who tagged her aunt who contacted me via messenger, and that is how we met 

Tianna who lives in Las Vegas, but is from St. Louis.   From their, she introduced us to Jeff, who puts deals together for a living.  He loved the idea and the project so much, he took it on as a partner, as opposed to a work for hire.   We have decided to fly out and visit them.  They have a couple of locations of interested, a few financial partners in mind.   

March 21st Update, we have visited two partners in Las Vegas earlier this month.  We have a location we really like, but at this time have not secured it.  A verbal partnership is in place with me Brandy, and the people we met Jeff and Tianna.  Amazing people with a lot of skills.  This project is bigger than just us, and our goal is to bring people in to make it great.  One of the exciting and fun things, is we are working with the Burlesque Hall Of Fame to find ways to co-sell ticketing with a burlesque museum tour along with a burlesque show.  Very fun stuff.   

At this time, we are refining the financial offering as we start to present to financial investors.  Our final goal is to build something amazing but affordable, in a semi off the strip location giving people that option when they are tired of the more commercialized strip offering we all love, but after a while, you just want something different.  

Our goal is less, make tons of money, as it is, make something historically significant that will bring the reputation to make our other dream come true, which one of these in the Major international cities around the world.  Much like hard rock cafe, House Of Blues, Rain Forest Cafe.  We want to pull from every city around the world to get the best talent, turn them into BombShells and circus performs that fit with what we do, and spread the world art and cultural all around the globe creating a true rainbow of international shows created from all the colors of the rainbow and cultures around the world.  And yes, it will still be a drinking burlesque show.  :)

Another development is, we found a ton of Boom Boom Room around the US.  When we made ours, we just never dreamed we would have national potential, so we just kept the name, so we are looking for a new name. At this time we are working with Va Va Boom and we created a quick sample website for Las Vegas at http://VaVaBoom.Fun