Being the best man at the wedding comes with a lot of responsibilities.  You are in charge of the rings at the wedding.  You gotta look nice and stand next to the groom at the wedding.  You have to make sure he arrives on time and is ready for his bride.  But the most important thing is to plan the epic bachelor party that won't make the bride second guess her decision!!!  Here is where we come in....

Best place to have your bachelor party in stl

Choose us!!!

We are the ultimate spot for bachelor parties.  We host classy, but sexy burlesque shows that will entertain and provide a fun-filled night that the guests will never forget.  We host shows every Friday and Saturday night, a dinner show at 7 P.M. and a late night show at 10:30 P.M.  This makes us the perfect destination for the post golf game earlier in the day, or the scotch and cigar bar you just attended.  Or if your type of groom is the one who loves brunch why not choose us for Sunday brunch!!!

It's so Easy!!!

We make it super simple to have a fun night with us.  First decide which show you want to attend by looking at our events calendar.  Then click on the right show for the guest of honor and invite all boys and tell them to purchase their tickets here!!!  From there let us handle the rest and you can sit back and prepare for the wedding because your work is done.

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