What is The Boom Boom Room?

The Boom Boom Room is a 1920s Speakeasy with a Modern Twist that has food, drinks, and Las Vegas inspired house shows, in the heart of downtown St. Louis.  We feature delicious food and refreshing beverages in a swanky, vintage atmosphere.  A feature unique to The Boom Boom Room that sets it apart from other restaurants is the nightly entertainment.  Enjoying dinner and drinks while having the pleasure to view  premiere entertainment is a luxury, exclusive to us, and is a great reason to visit us.

What type of entertainment is featured at The Boom Boom Room?

Our in-house entertainment, is none other than The Boom Boom Bombshells.  They have entertained guests for quite awhile and now have a permanent place where you can see them here at The Boom Boom Room.  The Boom Boom Room cast features beautiful dancers, amazing singing, comedy,  and cirque arts such as aerial, contortion, fire performers and more.  You don't want to miss your chance to see one of the best shows and talent in St. Louis.  

Is there nudity?

Burlesque is an art form that combines elements of satire, humor, and celebrates the human form. There is no nudity but this is the art of strip tease. Please review videos and photos to see a sample of what you may see.

Do I need tickets to visit The Boom Boom Room?

Yes, however sometimes they may be purchased at the door, if space is available.  Check the calendar for the most up-to-date information but in general if you are wanting to attend the complete full weekend shows on Friday and Saturday nights, then yes.  Friday  and Saturday nights we feature two shows our signature dinner show, and the late night burlesque show.  During the dinner show you enjoy a prix fixe meal with a show.  You pay for show tickets in advance, that confirms the reservation and then you pay for dinner and drinks the night of the show.   Those tickets can be purchased in advance by clicking here.  We recommend getting them early as they do tend to sell out. We also feature a burlesque brunch buffet on Sundays.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

Yes if space is available then tickets can be purchased at the door, but also note that the ticket price may be more at the door than when purchased in advance. 

Can I purchase a ticket without dinner for the dinner show?

NO.  Unfortunately at this time, the Friday and Saturday night 7 P.M. show is a dinner show.  There is not an option for a show only ticket.  Everyone who attends the dinner show will be served dinner and be charged for it even if you don't eat the meal.  Our chef can accommodate dietary restrictions so long as they are mentioned in at the time of purchasing the ticket.  Please note if you don't tell us about dietary restrictions in advance there may be an additional fee to accommodate requests.  If none of those work you could attend the late night show.  

What's the earliest I can arrive for the show?

If you are attending the 7 P.M. dinner show, doors open at 6 P.M.  We usually recommend around 6:30 P.M. or so.  You don't have to arrive extra early to get a better table because your table is reserved before you arrive.  If you are attending the 10:30 P.M. show, we recommend no earlier than 10 P.M.  We are usually still arranging seating and clearing guests from the dinner show before that time period.  There isn't a separate lounge area to hang out at.  We usually have guests wait outside (weather permitting) until we are all clear inside to start seating. For the brunch doors open at noon.

Age restrictions?

This is definitely parents' night out away from the kids.  Generally speaking we are a 21+ restaurant/bar.  We can make exceptions for 18+, if you are attending a dinner shown or brunch, but we need to know in advance before purchasing tickets.  I.D.'s are checked at the the door and you will be turned away without a refund if you did not confirm with us beforehand. 

Dress Code?

We want you to wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing going out for the evening.  For some that's dressing up with your girlfriends' bachelorette party theme, for others it's a sexy date night, and you're dressed to the nines, and for some it's casual at its best....however if your idea of going out includes saggy pants, sportswear/baseball caps (unless you just came from, or are going to a game), or sloppy clothes in general, etc. then this is not the place for you.         

I want to attend with a group. How do we purchase tickets and be seated together?

Tickets can be purchased either all together or separately either online or over the phone at 314-436-7000.  If you decide to purchase tickets separately online there's a question that asks which party would you like to be seated with?  As long as everyone indicates the same person as the host, whether it's the guest of honor or the planner then everyone will be arranged to be seated together.  

How am I seated for the show?

Seating is determined before you arrive.  If you are with a large group and everyone purchases tickets separately everyone must indicate the party host at the time of purchasing their tickets.  Also note, that we are an intimate space so seating is close.  But it makes the experience for exciting and fun.  Also that is why it is important to order tickets as soon as possible to ensure that we will be able to accommodate you at the show.  

Are you wheelchair accessible?

Yes, we are wheelchair accessible.  We do ask that you mention any special needs before arriving if you are attending a show, so we can arrange seating accordingly.

Where can I park?

We offer valet parking.  There is some street parking available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  You will have to feed the meter until 7 P.M. everyday except for Sunday's when street parking is free all day.  If you don't there is a chance you will get a ticket.  There are also two parking lots directly across the street from us.  Yes you will have to pay for parking or your car will be towed.  Unfortunately there is no free parking downtown.  

Separate checks?

Generally speaking we do not separate checks for large parties down to individual tabs.  It takes a long time and holds up service.  However we can do split payments within the group.  There is also a 20% service charge for parties of 6 or more added at the server's discretion.  Please remember to think about taxes and gratuity when figuring out your portion of the bill.

What happens if I try to not pay our bill?

Let's hope this won't happen, but with large parties sometimes splitting the bill proves to be a hard task.  We will charge the credit card on file, or split the remaining balance amongst whoever else has paid, or file a police report.  Don't leave without paying your tab.  

What if I vomit at my table while at the Boom Boom Room?

Let’s hope that you can make it to the restroom, but in the event that you don’t you will be charged a vomit clean up fee of $50 and don’t fight or dispute it. We don’t want to clean up your bodily fluids so try to keep it together.

What if I cause a scene or am disruptive towards the performers or other guests?

Let’s hope that this won’t happen, but in the event you’re too intoxicated and are falling asleep you will have to leave. Maybe your friend’s aren’t ready to leave and they can contact an Uber or Lyft for you, but we aren’t babysitters, and we won’t be held responsible for your inabilities to keep it together. And your tickets won’t be exchanged or refunded. If you are rude and disruptive to another guest or performer, we will try the approach of talking first, but if we have to warn you again then you may be asked to leave without a refund or the ability to exchange your ticket. And don’t leave us a poor review for your misbehavior because it’s not right and we will give the other side of the story.

Can I bring outside bottles of wine or cake? Decorate the table?

Yes, we need to know in advance what you're bringing.  There is a $15 corkage fee per bottle of wine, with a limit of two bottles per table, only eligible to bring in during the dinner show.  Also there is a $15 dessert fee if you are bringing outside desserts, unless you purchased VIP tickets then it's complimentary.  If you are wanting to bring decor, please call to find out if it's ok, BUT ABSOLUTELY NO CONFETTI!!!!


What if I can't attend a show?

In the event that you can't attend the show, we can reschedule your tickets for another show date, you have to tell us two hours before the event.  However tickets are non-refundable.