Are you interested in working at The Boom Boom Room?  Besides people who perform, our jobs are divided into three categories, people who serve the food and drinks and prepare the food.   We look for people who want to join our family in an environment that is different from most places.  You must be flexible as our staff is small, and everyone does a lot of little jobs.  Must be flexible and willing to help were needed during those high volume times.  At one moment, the kitchen may need help plating and the servers are slow, so we will send you in to help, other times, we have to turn over 100 seats in 30 minutes, and the kitchen is slow, so we will pull everyone out to help. It is a team, and because of that, we get it done.  No one is too good to clean, even the owners who do some of the worst most intense cleaning, repairs, upgrades, and jobs from dishwasher to the front-of-house.   Everyone is part of the show.  The bartenders and servers are in the background almost like extras so appearance, the facial expression is important.   If your a person looking for an easy job, go somewhere else, if you are looking for a place to be part of a fun kind group of people looking to build the most amazing entertainment destination in the world, please contact us.

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Our servers make sure our customers are taken care of.  We have lot's of large parties, and unlike a typical restaurant, there is a show going on, and everyone comes in at the same time.   We expect people to be friendly and professional. 

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The bartender position is more of a service bar position, almost all of the drinks are ordered from people sitting.  Also, out bartenders are expected to serve also from time to time.  

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Our main focus of looking for talent is in the kitchen.  It is hard but rewarding job.  If cooking is in your blood, and you have a passion for it like we do, then you understand.  The jobs include dishwasher, cook, chef, porter.  It depends on our needs at the time.   It is important to be flexible as everyone at The Boom Boom Room Room helps were needed.  If you're too good to grab a broom and clean up a mess, you are probably not a good fit.  

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