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How to plan the perfect birthday party for an adult in St. Louis?....

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Yay, your birthday is coming up and you want to come up with something fun to do. 

House Party:  You could throw a house party, but that would require cleaning before the party, setting up, and then cleaning afterwards. That's not terribly bad.  But then you also have to provide food and alcohol whether you are making it yourself or through a caterer, which could be expensive, or you can ask your guests to provide the food and drink.   And we know how that goes someone is bound to bring something that no one else likes to eat or they will magically "forget" that they was suppose to bring a dish.

Restaurant Dinner:  Yummy, dinner!!!  An easy choice to be made.  Pick your favorite restaurant and make the reservation.  And then you show up.  But you can do this any night of the week, and you run into people not showing up so you can't be seated on time.  And that's no fun.

Club Hopping:  Club hopping is fun, but not suitable for everyone you want to invite.  I mean, really would Aunt Cathy really want to go to the bar with you?  And then the friends with kids who always have to leave early.  It makes for a damper in the night.  Not to mention the price you pay for a table for everyone.  

Now a fun alternative that can incorporate a lot of ideas would be to attend a show at The Boom Boom Room.  There are so many options that can work for you.  Sunday Brunch, dinner shows every Friday and Saturday night, and even late night cocktail shows.  The show is entertaining for all, even Aunt Cathy will find something she loves.  Check us out at:  theboomboomroomstl.com


An Etiquette Guide for Burlesque Shows

An Etiquette Guide for Burlesque Shows

Be Enthusiastic

Performers live for the applause, so they encourage the audience to cheer, clap, and whistle during the show. Take your cues from the other guests and do what comes naturally. You’ll be holding your breath in anticipation during a thrilling dance or bursting out laughing at a comedy act along with everyone else.

Respect the Performers