Reviews Of The Boom Boom Boom St. Louis Burlesque

We get 5-star reviews all the time.  After one weekend, we received ten. Well, it took me a while but I finally did it.  The Boom Boom Room, or BBR, has been getting such amazing reviews.  But I finally assembled all of them and put them on this blog.  The reviews show up on our phone with an alert.  So after a hard weekend, we may be cleaning the house or out and about.   Then bing, we see the review.  And when it says five stars, we are very happy.  My wife usually texts me to tell me.  

There are negative reviews.   This comes in many forms.  

1. I would like to own up to this one.  As humans, we manage other humans, and sometimes they make mistakes and no one is there to fix them.  90 percent of the time everything is amazing, but like much of life sometimes something happens.  Like a server forgets a drink.  And these things happen, we try and fix them.  Sometimes we don't even find out until the review.  And it is a few days later.  Over time if it keeps happening that person is trained, retrain and or loses their job.

Looking for something fun to do?  So were we when we created The Boom Boom Room in St. Louis

 2. Some people are just impossible to please.  Most humans are reasonable people.  There are some with extreme emotional disorders, or histories of abuse, going through a divorce or many reasons they are forever, or for a short period going through a time.  And nothing is going to make them happy. I learned this the hard way with a group of 4 women.   It was our first year with our first Burlesque club, The Jumpin Jupiter in Maplewood.  They complained about the drinks.  We remade them 4 times.  They complained about the food, remade and remake and made more.   Finally I comped the tickets the food the drink.   I was bringing free drinks and they were still complaining.  They were just miserable people.  But most are not like this, but also usually the ones we call "trolls" or just people who love the power of saying bad things about people.  It makes them feel superior.  

3. Our competition.  We had a slew of bad reviews.  For example, the show is an amateur.  Well, I don't know what to say, but our performers are the best we can find or will show up and do the job.    And it is kind of well known or "a given", that our show is great.  We had a group who said they had been to New York Paris, New Orleans, and said they loved our show the best.  We hear these kinds of things all the time.  So if someone says, the food is cold, I say, OH shoot, and run to the kitchen to fix it.  If someone says, the show is bad, they have bad taste or are lying.  And that is our competition.   And they also usually say a lot of other personal things too.  Like, the owners are doo doo heads.  Then they include everything like, the worst food I have ever had.  Well, we would not be in business if it was bad.  If it was OK because I personally think Cheesecake Factory is bad.  So when they say it is really bad like the worst ever, it's our competition.  There seems to be a lot of jealousy of other groups to the point that no matter how many times we invite them to have a night and perform, their ego will not allow them.  Which is for another blog.

4. An ex-lover, performer, employee, of someone who may or may not, has dated, been married to or something, of someone who owns or works at the place.  They are just trying to bring us down because of hurt feelings.  And as owners, it is hard, because we can't control our employee's personal lives.  

5. People who have tried to perform and they are just not good enough.  YET.... because we always believe anyone has potential with enough drive.

So despite all of this, we try and focus on the positive.  We do, however, read the reviews and determine what happens.  And we can only do so much.  Like one guy say, didn't like it because I was not in the mood for that kind of thing.  How does one fix THAT?  His emotions.  You can't.