An Etiquette Guide for Burlesque Shows

In an intimate environment where the audience is part of the act, it helps to know how to behave during a burlesque show. When you’re surrounded by feathers, velvet, and sequins, you want to have fun without getting carried away. Below, the ladies at The Boom Boom Room in St. Louis, MO, share what is considered proper etiquette at a burlesque show.

Be Enthusiastic

Performers live for the applause, so they encourage the audience to cheer, clap, and whistle during the show. Take your cues from the other guests and do what comes naturally. You’ll be holding your breath in anticipation during a thrilling dance or bursting out laughing at a comedy act along with everyone else.

Respect the Performers

Be respectful of the performers and refrain from shouting while they’re on stage. Loud, inappropriate comments are never tolerated.

Look Sharp

Burlesque shows are often glamorous events, so attendees get just as dressed up as the performers. Consider adopting a vintage vibe to match the venue, or pull out your best suit or dress for a put-together look.

Keep Your Voice Low

If you want to chat with your group, be mindful of the audience and whisper. Loud, frequent conversations can be distracting to your neighbors and the performer.

Ask Before You Snap

Burlesque shows are full of exciting dance numbers and acrobatics, so you may want to take photos during the performance. Research the venue’s policies: Some places don’t allow flash photography because it’s distracting while others ban all photography for privacy reasons.

Once you’ve mastered these etiquette tips, enjoy one of the famed dinner shows at The Boom Boom Room. With jaw-dropping cirque performances, powerful singing, and unique dance numbers, these burlesque shows are perfect for date night, a special anniversary, or a fun bachelorette party. Check out their events calendar online and call (314) 436-7000 to make a reservation.