We Are Going To Build An Amazing New Stage

March Update: Well, we still plan on doing this, but we just have not found the time... yet!  :)

After a trip to New York and Las Vegas, going to burlesque shows around the country, I can see our shows have a much higher production value.   I am not saying they are better, but I as an owner, am also the owner of Jupiter Studios recording studio, I record music, I make music for national commercials, I played in bands, sang, played guitar for 13 years 5 nights a week.  So entertainment and showbiz have been with me since age six.  

So I focus on the production, lights, sound, props, original music.  The best part of being the sound and light guy for the Boom Boom Room, is, when I want to buy something new, I never have to ask some crabby owner for new light and sound equipment.  I just get it.  So since we have opened we have added, a second fog machine, two geysers, upgraded the lights, an amazing stereo sound system I am dying to turn into quad, and two projectors.  So I get to have a lot of fun, making videos, scripts, music, programming lights, tweaking the sound system and all that.  

So now that we have no more room for any more lights, and the best sound system money can buy I am focusing on my next project.  The stage.  At this time, our stage is fine.  It is elevated, and the performers walk out of the dressing room, and on to the stage.  At the end of the night, it turns into a dance floor.  Great.  

But then I saw Cirque Du Soleil.  Well, that changed everything.  So, we have big dreams, and high expectations, however, we are still owned by a husband and wife on a budget.  I guess we call that a Mom and Pop shop.  

So here is what I want to the stage to do.  First, our shows are selling out, we need more room.  We have a small space.   So I am stealing the bar and space we use as walkways for the performers.  So first I move the stage back two feet.  This allows us to increase our capacity from 80 to 110.  Now, how to get the performers on stage.  I am going to create banisters that are hidden behind the bar.   So the bar looks like a regular bar.  But when the show starts, two video screens will come down creating a backdrop.  Banisters with the help of electric verticle actuators will rise up to the 3 feet above the bar, 6 feet from the floor.  The performers will then be able to walk from the dressing room, along the bar, and down some steps to the stage in the center of the room.   If you want to see what that would look like see the video below.   Also, we will have two levels to perform, and levels on a stage are cool.

But then, we are going to build in the coolest thing.  A round 3-foot stage lift.  It will rise out of the stage and spin.  So when people like contortionist need to be seen on the floor, we can just lift them up.  

We will also do something like, put mics in the stage for tap dancing, smoke in the stage for effect, and plexiglass on top of the riser so we can light from below.  It will be incredible.  If I can figure out how to do it.   And I think I can.

We are never satisfied and we have the philosophy to get a little better every day.  This positive attitude has brought our shows for, well what would seem local and childish from today's standards, five years ago, to compliments coming from all over the world when people come and see us.

The Boom Boom Room was created because we were looking for something to do in St. Louis and we could not find anything.  


Idea For New Stage At The Boom Boom Room