Introducing Brandy!


Meet Brandy, also known as Boom Boom Le Coeur! She is the co-owner with her husband Jim, here at The Boom Boom Room. While she’s been with The Boom Boom Room since when we opened our doors, she has been performing burlesque for 5 years. A St. Louis native, Brandy began performing burlesque when she was 27, and her inspiration was Josephine Baker because she was able to manifest her destiny despite challenging odds.

On a daily basis, Brandy’s time is literally split between being on stage and fulfilling her general manager duties. “There are times I shake my tassels, take a bow, grab a robe, and run behind the bar to help or go to the door to seat people,” she said. Most of the time, though, she is answering phones and ensuring customer satisfaction. She also enjoys talking to guests after a show and revealing that they talked to her over the phone for their reservations. “They always get a kick out of that and are usually very thankful for a great evening,” she said.

As for the shows, Brandy and the crew at The Boom Boom Room treat each and every performance as if it were a wedding or a special event. “We take our roles very seriously at The Boom Boom Room,” she said. When Brandy is lacking in inspiration, she draws her motivation from the people who come to see them perform. “People work very hard and come to us for their most precious celebrations,” she said. “They trust us with their birthdays, bachelorette parties, or 20-year anniversaries. We’re also an escape for people who may be going through something personal or are just exhausted. Our job is to make people smile, to release their stress, and help them fall in love again so they can be the best versions of themselves the next day. When I’m not feeling like it, I see the people as they come in, get on stage, and work my magic.”

What’s Brandy’s favorite routine to perform? Her current routine, which is a mix of “Put the Blame on Mame” from the movie Gilda and a few big band songs, is her favorite at the moment. “Classic burlesque bump-and-grinds are my favorite styles, and I love the sexy, empowering feeling of being on stage!” she said.

When Brandy began performing, she was scared to death. “Everyone was sick, and we had no one to put on stage,” she recalled. “So I did this silly act where I had to wear a full wolf costume and took off parts to reveal Little Red Riding Hood underneath. I learned how to do it about 2 hours before the show. I was very nervous, but it seems silly now looking in the mirror of a basement and practicing how to delicately take off a brown fuzzy wolf paw. After everyone told me how well I did, I was hooked!”

When Brandy isn’t performing, helping customers, or putting a smile on customers’ faces, she can be found seeing other performers, taking walks with her dog, and going out on dates with her fiancé.

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